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The Blowing Rock with people on it

The Blowing Rock is 1.2 Billion Years Old


Our town isn't quite that old, but it does have a rich and colorful history


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Join us on a journey through our history...

There are a lot of ways to learn about Blowing Rock's History.  You will find some of them here, and we will point you toward others.  Scroll down, and click around our site to learn more.
The Blowing Rock Historical Society


Founded in 1985 to preserve and protect the historical character and charm of the village, the Blowing Rock Historical Society is an active organization of over 300 members.  We play a vital role in maintaining the unique sense of place that draws thousands of visitors to historic Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

Edgewood Cottage first home of Elliott Daingerfield
Edgewood Cottage

Built in 1890, this was the original home of renowned American artist Elliott Daingerfield. This restored cottage is located on Main St., a 3 minute walk south of the Memorial Park.  The Blowing Rock Historical Society manages Edgewood, and its premier use is a summer art program, "Artists in Residence at Edgewood Cottage."  For the remainder of the year, Edgewood Cottage is a museum, open daily to the public for self-guided tours.

1888 Museum in Memorial Park
1888 Museum

Located on Main St. beside Memorial Park, and managed by the Blowing Rock Historical Society, this museum:

  • Was originally a cottage associated with Blowing Rock's first hotel, the Watauga Inn;

  • Contains exhibits associated with our history of supporting tourism;

  • Shows a replica of a typical high-class hotel room in the 1880's making you glad you live now and not then.

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