Marker Program

 A  joint project of the Blowing Rock Historical Society and the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum


Mission statement: “The Blowing Rock Marker Program will assist in educating the public about the rich history of Blowing Rock, provide atmosphere to our downtown and add distinction to individual homes, commercial buildings and sites of significance:

There are several structures within the community of Blowing Rock that are important elements of the town’s built environment; examples of a particular architectural style; may be of historic importance or simply deserving distinction by their design.   These structures, and the town as a whole, will benefit greatly from such a program that educates tourists and citizens alike. 

The Marker is a plaque that is awarded to those individuals, businesses or organizations that currently own the property.


Eligibility Requirements:

  1. a) the building must be located in the community of Blowing Rock
  2. b)  For historic consideration, the building must be at least fifty (50) years old and be of historic significance.
  3. c)  The building’s exterior must be either completely restored or properly maintained in accordance with its architectural style and character.
  4. d)   If a building has been moved from its original site, it must maintain its historic architectural style.
  5. e)   For new construction, the building must be an outstanding example of a new building that is architecturally and aesthetically an asset within the context of the existing streets cape and neighborhood.
  6. f)    The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings will be considered when evaluating all restoration and rehabilitation work. 
  7. g)   Property owners must be willing to display the marker on the property for public viewing.



Types of properties considered:

  1.  a)  Commercial buildings
  2. b)  Private residences
  3. c)   Churches
  4. d)  Schools
  5. e)  Municipal buildings
  6. f)  Historic properties
  7. g)  Public art
  8. h)  Other properties and/or items of significance deemed appropriate by the Blowing Rock Marker Committee

The Marker Committee is composed of five to ten members of BRHS, BRAHM and the Town of Blowing Rock administration, all volunteers who are knowledgable about the historic and elements of the town.